Estate Planning

Our experienced advice will help you retain your lifelong wealth and establish a clear and meaningful plan for your estate.

A successful business life usually ends up with owners holding assets and wealth which they eventually have to deal with from an Estate Management and an Inheritance Tax perspective.

The latter tax (fundamentally a controversial tax insofar as it slices away a large part of the wealth which has already typically been subject to substantial income or capital gains tax, et al, during the life of the owner), has progressively become more significant in its impact on affected taxpayers. It needs to be taken seriously and planning should begin earlier than you might realise.

A significant part of our work is applied in planning our clients’ estates, what elements of wealth should be retained, moved, in what forms and for whom. Ongoing estate planning and Inheritance Tax planning often involves:

    • Lifetime giving, in many different forms
    • Will planning
    • Use of trusts, again in various forms
    • Accessing and preserving Business Property Relief (BPR) and Agricultural Property Relief (APR)
    • Utilising the spouse exemption
    • Managing your pension pot
    • Insuring potential liabilities

Our clients want to make sure their children and dependants reap the rewards of the hard work invested and the accumulated wealth achieved – they don’t want to see 40% of this disappear in an Inheritance Tax bill.


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