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Trust Harold Sharp to ensure that you are tax compliant and free from the considerable risks of distracting and costly enquiries.

Many of us in the tax advisory industry would argue that the depth, breadth and complexity of the UK tax code is such that it is virtually impossible for all businesses, and individuals alike, to get everything “right”; and yet the risks of getting things wrong can be costly, ramped up by interest on underpaid tax and the most severe penalty regime ever faced in the UK, when taxpayers get it wrong.

At Harold Sharp we pro-actively invite our clients to allow us to undergo “Health Checks” (covering a range of areas including, Employer Compliance, VAT, and Capital Taxes exposures) to help ensure that you are not likely to suffer a nasty, if not very nasty, surprise when selected for review by HMRC.

We should all be clear that enquiries are often generated by items in taxpayers’ returns, by considerable information sources the HMRC now have, by malicious information sent in by others, but also, by means of random selection which none of us could predict.

In a country where those, who are found to be non-compliant, are sometimes the subject of extreme and unpleasant criticism and are often named and shamed, Health Checks can keep you valuably compliant, sleeping peacefully at night; and do not be surprised if we find some tax-saving opportunities along the way.

“We follow a simple principle laid out by our founders: It’s not about keeping up. It’s about staying ahead.”

Chris Wrighton,

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