Business Growth

No matter where you are in the business cycle, you can always improve.

To grow your business, you’re going to need plenty of help along the way. You’re going to allocate your time to concentrate on the important things, turning your ideas into reality. It’s a tough journey but we can help you in several ways:


    • Structure – we can help you decide on the appropriate business structure for your journey. Tax is an important part of the decision but there are other factors you need to consider, and we can help you with these.
    • Forecasting & budgeting – the best run businesses operate strict forecasting and budgeting processes. We can help you develop these and monitor actual performance against your forecasts to ensure you are performing as expected.
    • Profit improvement – profit is the lifeblood of every business and for sustained growth you need to maximise profits. We can look at your business model and advise on improving profitability.
    • Tax planning – tax is cash going out of the business, so you need to make sure you retain as much as possible. We can advise on tax efficient remuneration, capital allowance claims, R&D tax credits and a whole host of ways of reducing your tax burden.
    • Staff rewards – you can’t grow the business on your own, you need incentivised staff to achieve your goals. Whether it’s private health care, company cars, share schemes or other benefits, we can tailor remuneration packages for your circumstances. 
    • Compliance – every business needs to be compliant and rapid growth can sometimes result in tax obligations being missed. We can help with your PAYE, VAT and corporation tax to make sure you’re compliant. It might not sound like much, but when you come to sell, a good compliance history can only enhance your value.

“We’re constantly seeking new ways to help clients adapt to change and meet their growth ambitions. Technology plays a major part in this. It’s not about keeping up – it’s about staying ahead.”

Andrew Copping,

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