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The UK tax code is complex and wide-ranging. It invades just about all aspects of commercial life and a considerable part of domestic life too. At Harold Sharp, we pride ourselves on providing an intelligent, experienced, well-rounded and integrated tax planning and advisory service to our clients, throughout their lives and the lives of their businesses.

Being well-advised throughout all phases and throughout the major events, transactions and decisions you take generally can have an enormous impact on your wealth generation and preservation. Harold Sharp Tax Advisory should be your first port of call for this essential advice.

Buying & Selling

The UK tax code is complex and wide-ranging. At Harold Sharp, we pride ourselves on providing an intelligent, experienced, well-rounded and integrated tax planning service to our clients, throughout your lives and the lives of your businesses.

Share Schemes

The design and implementation of commercially-effective and tax-efficient incentive schemes can be hugely powerful for our clients in helping to lock in key members of staff, recruit talent and motivate those individuals to achieve more for the business.

Profit Extraction

How you extract your income from the privately-owned company (and to whom within your family and dependency) is surprisingly critical to the amount of business profit you manage to retain for yourself and your family.


A prudent owner will keep their structure under ongoing review. In practice, there are many reasons why the structure might need to change, including tax management, asset protection, succession, staff incentivisation, shareholder buy-out, preparing for sale, resolving disputes, etc.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is an essential part of many owners’ responsibilities and needs early consideration, lest you seriously limit your options and find yourself unable to take the steps needed when the time is right for you to reduce your input.

Trusts & Family Investment

Trusts are legal structures which have been with us for centuries and which play valuable roles in domestic and commercial life. Our planning work for clients uses Trusts intelligently, in a range of important ways which benefit those clients.

Estate & Retirement Planning

A successful business life ends up with owners holding wealth which they eventually have to deal with from an estate management and an Inheritance Tax perspective. The tax on death has progressively become more significant in its impact.


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