Audit and Assurance Services

There is an increasing demand for all businesses to demonstrate that they have appropriate controls in place to manage potential risks. At Harold Sharp we have an experienced audit team who offer a range of services to help you manage the multitude of risks to your business. As well as ensuring you meet your statutory requirements, we use the audit process to review your financial and management systems, offering advice and solutions to help improve your business performance.

Our Audit and Assurance services include:

    • External audit
    • SARS audits
    • Assurance review

Non statutory audit

Not all businesses are obliged by law to have an audit. Nonetheless, many choose to have an audit because of the commercial benefits. For example, should you wish to sell your business, a clear understanding of your financial position can help you get the best price. An audit can also help your case if you need to access finance and keep insurers happy. Plus, you will have the reassurance of knowing exactly how your business is performing.

Statutory audit

If your business is required by law to have an audit, you will enjoy all the same commercial benefits detailed above. You can gain valuable insights from the detailed information produced, and use this to refine your business and maximise profits.

How can we help?

By choosing Harold Sharp, you will benefit from:

    • A reputable name with a history of over 80 years and an excellent reputation within the business and taxation community
    • An efficient service
    • A passion for the benefits an audit can bring to a business when it is approached as more than merely a regulatory requirement
    • Assistance in ensuring you are kept up to date with relevant accounting issues and how any changes may impact on your business and financial statements
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SARs Audit

The legal sector faces many unique pressures and challenges, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) reporting requirements.

Due Diligence & Assurance

We’ve got the team to handle all due diligence matters on acquisitions and we can provide assurance reports whenever necessary.


Karen Dent

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“Karen Dent and her team carry out the audit assignment in a very thorough, professional and respectful way… The audit and reviews of our accounting system, controls and processes provide the assurance that myself and the owners of the business want each year. ”

Ian Smith, European Finance Director – Ping Europe Limited




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