Management Accounts

Regular management information is important to provide insight into the performance and health of a business, enabling instant reactions to any changes.

Monthly/quarterly financial detail is essential for you to be able to make informed decisions on your business and spot trends and cycles that enable you to prepare and react accordingly and exploit opportunities that your competitors may miss.

Management accounts will enable you to:

    • Compare interim results with original budgets and forecasts
    • Better manage your resources and control cashflow
    • Identify trends and cycles in your business
    • Highlight variations in your income/expenditure and review key performance indicators

Management accounts will also help you to focus on key areas of your business including:

    • The sales process – pricing, distribution and debtors
    • The purchasing process – stock records and creditors
    • Underlying profitability
    • Analytical review of expenditure to prevent over-spends
    • Capital and asset needs of the business

Our clients value the opportunity of sitting down and reviewing the statutory accounts each year – we can create extra visibility in the interim by discussing periodic management information on business performance and help achieve increased profitability and growth.

Management accounts are a must for any businesses looking at a potential disposal, merger or acquisition and also businesses looking to expand, move premises or raise finance.

If you would like Harold Sharp to look at putting together a bespoke, cost effective, value added package for your business then please contact us.


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