Professional Services

We look after a wide range of professions including solicitors, surveyors, engineers, consultants, architects, insolvency practitioners and patent attorneys.

Being a professional services firm ourselves, this is one sector we truly understand.

We recognise the challenges you face, whether you’re just starting out, growing the business or looking to exit.

You spend so much time looking after your clients you don’t allocate enough time for working on your own business.

We have several practical solutions to help you achieve your goals:

  • Advice on setting up the correct structure for your practice – is it sole trader, partnership, LLP or corporate entity?
  • If already trading as an unincorporated business, we can advise on the possible benefits of incorporation
  • Advice on growing your practice including the benefits of mergers and acquisitions and the impact on business valuations

  • Undertaking due-diligence work on targets
  • Assistance with forecasting to help you identify funding requirements
  • Help with raising external funding
  • Advice on tax efficient remuneration strategies for owners
  • Creating reward packages to help incentivise and retain staff
  • Reviewing your accounting and other processes to see if they can be streamlined and linked using cloud technology
  • Reviewing internal controls to prevent fraud
  • Advise on succession planning and the introduction of new partners
  • Certain professions, such as solicitors, require accountants’ reports and we can prepare these for you
  • Prepare your annual accounts and tax returns to ensure compliance

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    “We follow a simple principle laid out by our founders: It’s not about keeping up. It’s about staying ahead.”

    Chris Wrighton,

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