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Driving efficiency through expense simplification


We have worked with Detail Design Engineering (DDE) for over 15 years, assisting with their management accounts and accounting software migration as well as providing ad hoc digital advisory services to drive internal efficiencies.

About DDE

DDE are committed to keeping buildings efficient and comfortable. They provide cost effective and reliable building controls solutions, from traditional HVAC automation to the latest feature rich smart building solutions.

The issue

DDE had 40+ engineers ‘on the road’ travelling all across the UK. As the number of engineers on the ground grew, the ability to record and pay their expenses became increasingly burdensome.

The solution

When we first met with DDE to discuss their accounts, it became clear that the business would benefit from using Dext to automate invoice processing. We set this up and provided the relevant training so that they could get through the high volume of invoices in a more efficient manner. As a result, when we started looking at the expenses issue, we were able to provide a solution with no additional costs. Instead, our team demonstrated the full capabilities of the existing Dext license and introduced Dext Expense Reports.

The result

DDE’s engineers now spend more time out with customers, and less time going back and forward to head office to submit receipts. Dext Expenses enables the team to digitally capture each receipt with their phone via the app. At each month-end their monthly expense report is generated with supporting images for simplified processing and paying.





“Both Nicola and Ryan always

work hard to understand our

accounts and how to improve

processes in order to progress our

accounts department. They were

integral to the implementation

and training of our new expense

software, which has proved to be

a gamechanger.”


Carrien Hayes
Accounts Manager
DDE Limited


“The move from our old

accountant to Harold Sharp has

been like night and day with

regards to visibility of our income

and expenditure. Suddenly we feel

like we’re really in the driver’s

seat and that’s made a huge

difference in terms of goal




Dean Fieldhouse


Hiya Technology Limited









Enabling growth through better visibility

We started working with Hiya Technology Limited (Hiya Tech) in 2022 when their search for a tech-led accounting and advisory service led them to our team.

 About Hiya Technology Limited

Hiya Tech is an IT and digital recruitment agency based in Manchester. Their clients include a diverse range of organisations from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies. Over the years they’ve built a strong reputation founded on their unparalleled industry knowledge and an ability to understand and fill the most specialised technical positions.

 The issue

As Hiya Tech laid plans to grow both staff and revenue, they found that the pace of growth was impacting the systems (or lack thereof) at the core of the business. They were also frustrated with the compliance-led relationship that they had with their existing accountant and were looking for a more proactive, tech-driven advisor.

 The solution

When we first met with the Directors, Christopher Berrisford and Dean Fieldhouse, to discuss their requirements it was clear that their priorities were better visibility over their finances so that they could use real-time data to drive commercial decisions with a view, ultimately, to scalable growth. The first thing our team did for Chris and Dean was to move them away from their excel spreadsheet and over to Xero and Dext – this is a combination we knew would work well for them, providing the up-to-date info they required in a digital, user-friendly way. We also delivered training to provide them with the skills necessary to make the most of Xero’s reporting and invoicing functions.

The result

Chris and Dean now have much better visibility over their finances. The up-to-date reports produced in Xero provide a clear understanding of performance and their regular catch-ups with accountant James Turner provide an opportunity to run through any bookkeeping queries, discuss what more Xero can offer and set realistic goals for the business.


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