Dext accounting

(formerly Receipt Bank)

Dext Prepare brings all your invoices and receipts into one digital dashboard and works with all major accounting software.

It is our software of choice given its track record of being easy to use and accurate.

Using the app to capture a digital version of your invoice/receipt, it will then be uploaded to a cloud-based dashboard. From there, we can work out if anything needs to be done with it, and then push it directly into your cloud-based accounting software.

No more physical records.
No more costly storage.

How can Dext help your business?

Reduced administrative burden

Invoices can be entered into the software using several quick and easy methods. You can choose to snap a picture of the invoice on your phone, email it to your chosen app or ‘drag and drop’ a copy of the invoice into the software. The software will then process it using AI to extract the relevant information. It can then be reviewed and published to your accounting software.

Improved accuracy

Data entry errors are one of the biggest problems for manual accounts payable processes. Dext Prepare uses the latest OCR technology to automatically read the information on an invoice and extract the relevant data, removing scope for human error. Plus, as the software allows you to set rules for suppliers, such as what nominal account to allocate the invoice to, processing errors are also reduced.

Real-time information

As processing delays are removed, you can rely on your accounting software to provide you with up-to-date information giving you a more informed view on cashflow.

No more lost items

The software stores a digital record of all invoices and receipts processed with images of all documents attached to each item (Note that HMRC are satisfied with digital images for receipts). Removing the passing around of physical invoices means that items will no longer get lost.

Reduced storage requirements

Documents are stored in the cloud, greatly reducing the need for storage space and enabling information to be accessed securely from anywhere.

Effortless Expense Reports

This tool is used to automate the creation, population and completion of Expense Reports. After you set it up, it’ll routinely create Expense Reports for specified users on the account. Whenever these users submit an item to Dext accounting it’ll automatically be added to the Expense Report for the period it was submitted in.

Specific account users can be assigned to sign off on other employees’ expenses before they’re marked as completed.

Quick and easy document retrieval

As all postings to the account’s software have a digital image of the document attached, it is much easier to retrieve them – no more searching through paper files!

Time saved locating invoices

Fetch can save time locating invoices from regular suppliers. Once Dext is linked to the suppliers account, any new invoices they raise to your company will drop straight into your Dext inbox, leaving you to review, approve and publish.

Maximising Dext with Harold Sharp

We’re delighted to be chosen as Certified Dext Advisors!

This means we are in the top 10% of firms using Dext.

We are dedicated to making our clients more productive and profitable and we are confident the exclusive benefits we receive as Dext Advisors will only enhance our outcome for you.

Please click here for more information and contact our Dext accounting team, for individual advice.

Dext ‘how-to’ guides & videos

Our latest beginner-friendly how-to guides, helping you to get the most out of Dext.

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