Business Tax Advisory & Management

The Harold Sharp Tax Advisory service works to provide tax-effective structures and solutions which ultimately work for the owners, making sure that everything that is done works for the individuals who are necessarily the key priorities in the privately-owned business world. Having said that, the business is, of course, the essential wealth generator for those individuals, the most important asset, and it necessarily demands supreme priority in that owner-focused context.

Looking after the business, accessing maximum reliefs at the earliest opportunities, managing a tax-efficient structure, keeping operations compliant and safe from sanctions – these represent the “bread and butter” of a self-respecting tax management service like we strive to provide for you every day of your business’ financial year.

Business Vehicle

Choosing the right ownership structure at the very outset of your business is important, for taxation, commercial, and legal reasons. Your choice can have very significant implications, at a time of potentially acute financial constraints.

Corporate Tax

Business tax rules have developed over a sustained period of years now, such that an increasingly large proportion of “SME” businesses are now structured as limited companies. The limited company might be something of a default expectation now.

Tax Health Checks

The depth, breadth and complexity of the UK tax code is such that it is virtually impossible for all businesses, and individuals alike, to get everything “right”, and yet the risks of getting things wrong can be costly.

R&D Tax Relief Claims

The profits of your business will suffer revenue taxation which typically slices away a significant part of the value you have generated, each and every year. Managing those revenue taxes and accessing reliefs is essential and routine ongoing work for this practice.


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