SAR Audits

Whilst a SAR audit may be a necessity, we approach our work in a practical proactive manner adding value to the process through our expert opinion and experience.

The legal sector faces many unique pressures and challenges, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) reporting requirements.

With the introduction of Outcomes Focused Regulation (OFR), replacing the more prescriptive and detailed rulebook previously in place, firms have flexibility in how they achieve compliance with SRA regulations, ethics and the code of conduct, to deliver the necessary high standards of public service.

There are changes on the horizon with further simplification of the rules being phased in.  The new rules are principles based and place responsibility upon individual firms to determine policies that suit their business and achieve necessary compliance.

Our expert legal services team develop long term relationships and work hard to assist clients in developing their internal systems, advising on best practice with practical solutions. We are proactive in our Solicitors Accounts Rules (SAR) audit approach, offering expert opinion and advice by listening carefully to our clients, acting as a sounding board to ensure the right procedures are in place.

We understand that there is both a monetary and time cost to having an SAR audit and our team work very hard to achieve clear benefits for your practice, ensuring that through great systems and effective compliance, your business runs as successfully and profitably as it can.

“We’re constantly seeking new ways to help clients adapt to change and meet their growth ambitions. Technology plays a major part in this. It’s not about keeping up - it’s about staying ahead”.

Andrew Copping,

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