Clarity for our community

We are a leading independent business advisory practice based in Sale. We are part of what should be a thriving community of business owners and entrepreneurs in Greater Manchester. For nearly a century we’ve been advising ambitious SMEs throughout the region to overcome their business challenges and to plan for the future. Today we face one of the greatest challenges, and we therefore feel an obligation to ensure businesses are well informed and getting access to the areas of government support that they need to stay solvent.

The more businesses we can all keep active, the better it will be for everyone.


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If you are a business operating in the Greater Manchester area who has been affected by the recent pandemic, we’d like to offer you free advice. Whether it’s pointing you in the right direction to access grants and loans or advising as to what information you need to provide to HMRC regarding furloughed employees, we’re here to provide clarity to our community. Kindly complete the below form, or email us on


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