Tax Tuesday’s Resolution for 2020

Dec 31, 2019 | Taxation, Tax Tuesday


On New Year’s Eve, Tax Tuesday thinks about the resolution it might make for 2020.

Holding fast with our Tax Advisory Service Standards is the obvious one to make………………

New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to remind ourselves about our Tax Advisory Service Standards and acknowledge how important it is that we maintain these in 2020. For clients and introducers, alike, here they are:

Harold Sharp Tax Advisory Service Standards


1. Access at all times

We provide a mobile telephone number (07747 215711) for clients and contacts to call at any time of the day (or night). We want you to be able to speak to us as soon as you have an item or issue on your mind.

2. Getting back to you

All messages received, whether by voice-mail, e-mail, text, letter or whatever will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt and an indication given as to when we expect to be able to handle your query (if we are unable to handle it straight away).

3. Transparency with quoting and charging

We will endeavour to provide fixed fee quotes for as much of the work we do as possible (often to include fixed legal fees, where appropriate, as well). In the instances where it might be difficult or impossible to provide fixed fee quotes we will clearly explain why, and we will, instead, agree our approach with you to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises. We aim to be upfront and transparent about fees at all times.

4. Working within our competencies and experience

We will always be candid about our experience and suitability for every assignment and will never be tempted to act beyond our competencies. On the rare occasions where a piece of work involves aspects which are not within our discipline or our comfort zone, we will discuss with you the best solution for this – often, this will involve us sourcing a suitable professional, from our considerable network, to handle that part of the work.

5. Ensuring the proposition makes sense

It is essential that, for every assignment we undertake, the commercial, financial, and other benefits achievable from that course of action satisfactorily outweigh any likely costs or downsides from the plan. We will never encourage you to proceed with a plan which we do not believe in.

6. Vigour, thoughtfulness and sensitivity

We will always aim to handle your affairs with vigour, thoughtfulness and sensitivity. We understand that you want early attention to your assignments, careful consideration of what might be possible and all due diplomacy and caution in our execution of things which sometimes involve relationships and a degree of risk.

7. Communicating with you and others

We will endeavour to keep you fully informed about our progress throughout every assignment and also to keep our colleagues and any external professionals fully informed, where those parties need to be aware in order to fulfil their own obligations in relation to your affairs.