Happy Christmas and What we have planned for Q1 2020

Dec 10, 2019 | Tax Tuesday, Taxation

On 3 December, Tax Tuesday celebrated its third monthiversary.

Today it takes the opportunity to do three things, as follows:

  • To wish readers a very Happy Christmas 2019;
  • To encourage stragglers (!) to get their tax information in to us urgently please; and 
  • To tell you what we have planned for Q1 2020 and ask you for your own requests and ideas.

Tax Tuesday looks forward to its first Christmas and takes time out to consider what it might cover in the first quarter of 2020.

On our provisional list for the period to the end of the tax year are:

  1. Pre-year end tax planning – what should we be thinking about in Q1?
  2. A newly elected government – what might this mean for tax planning?
  3. Extraction planning – what will be the optimal income solution for company owners in 2020/21?
  4. Capital Gains Tax – private residence relief revised
  5. Stamp Duty Land Tax (1) – let’s be clear about when the additional 3% charge does and doesn’t apply
  6. Tax free benefits – don’t overlook the merits of Relevant Life Policies
  7. Capital allowances – taking stock of everything, including the new Structures and Buildings Allowance
  8. Succession Planning – the future of the business and your opportunity to extract value at CGT rates of tax
  9. Winding up your business – liquidation and the Targeted Anti Avoidance Rule
  10. Stamp Duty Land Tax (2) – don’t overlook Multiple Dwellings Relief when you buy (and could you reclaim an overpayment already made?)
  11. Demerging activities – tax-free reorganisation of your business affairs, for various purposes
  12. Post Brexit investment in business – understanding the Enterprise Investment Scheme, Seed EIS and Venture Capital Trusts
  13. Top-slicing relief – timing the encashment of your investment bond
  14. The Family Investment Company – a company used for effective estate planning purposes

The list is, as it says above, only provisional, because we like to anticipate and react to events and circumstances of the week. We also very much like to respond to readers’ requests. We enthusiastically invite ideas and feedback on any aspect of our blog, via this email link

In the meantime, next week will be our Tax Tuesday Christmas 2019 Prize Quiz week and we hope you will enjoy tackling that, both for some fun and for a very unique prize.