Death and Taxes

Sep 3, 2019 | Taxation, Tax Tuesday

For our first entry to the Tax Tuesday blog, please allow us to refer, of course, to the “certainties of life”……………

There are, it seems, three certainties of life, being:

  • death
  • taxes
  • reference to “death and taxes” in almost all communications about tax and tax planning.

It was, apparently, Daniel Defoe (in his 1726 “Political History Of The Devil”) who kicked off more than two and a half centuries’ use, so far, of the assertion that there is nothing certain in life except death and taxes. Other eminent writers have followed suit on the theme and helped to make it the famous quotation it is today

Save for some very exceptional advances in medical science, then, Funeral Directors should always be in business, of course. And so it is for taxation advisers and planners like ourselves. All of you who are reading this blog are bound to be affected by taxation of multitudinous varieties  (“many” would have done there – ed) and, just like managing your gas bills, you are perfectly entitled to organise your affairs to be as tax efficient as possible, within the law.

We hope that, over time, this blog will help make all of you just a fraction more aware of the taxation you suffer and how we might be able to help you plan your affairs better, to very good effect. Watch this space!