Christmas Wishes and Prize Question Result

Dec 24, 2019 | Tax Tuesday


Our Christmas Eve Tax Tuesday edition wishes every client, introducer, contact and friend of the firm a peaceful Christmas 2019. We sincerely hope that some of the inevitable stresses of life might be forgotten or eased and all of us might be able to recharge for 2020.

In addition, readers might be interested to know the answer to our Prize Question last week………

The single question for our Tax Tuesday Prize Christmas Quiz 2019 was as follows:

    Santa has a team of 12 overseas-domiciled toy-assemblers operating from a Welsh Agency leased business park just outside Wrexham. The workers are organised into four 6-hour shifts, providing 7 day-a-week services on the basis of an hourly rate throughout November and the first three weeks of December, and then returning to Lapland prior to Christmas Day. Will the workers suffer UK PAYE on their earnings? YES or NO.

Well, the answer we were looking for was:

    NO – the workers will not suffer PAYE as they will all be treated as Elf-employed.

We did, however, put all “YES” answers into the draw as well, because “YES” was technically correct of course!

Congratulations to Iain Brassell of ISR Recruitment Limited for winning a £25 e-voucher for Christmas.