12 days of Tech-mas

Dec 12, 2020 | Fintech Friday

If you’ve been following #12daysoftechmas on LinkedIn and Twitter this month, you’ll be up-to-date with how our digital advisory team can help you to transform your finances for 2021 – looking at the services we offer and the benefits they can bring. If you missed it, here’s a quick round-up:

1 in-house digital advisory team

Did you know that our dedicated digital advisory team are well-versed in aligning business need with cloud-based solutions that deliver? Speak to Ryan Alderson for advice on where you can drive efficiencies and cut costs. Click here to meet the digital advisory team.

2 extra days a month, not lost chasing late payments

Did you know that on average business owners lose two working days per month chasing late payments? Our digital advisory team can help you to find the right payment service provider, making it easier for your customers to pay and giving you back that valuable time. Find out what a payment service can do for your business.

3 different health check options to check your efficiency

Are you getting the most out of your cloud-based accounting software? Let us help you find out. And if you’re not, we can help with that too. By running one of our analytical reviews on your data, our digital advisory team can tell you how you are currently using your software, and look for things like duplicated transactions, multi-coded contacts or overpayments to help to identify inefficiencies and bad data. Find out more about data analytics.

4 cloud-based software options to choose from

Did you know that we are partnered with all the major cloud accounting providers – Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent and Sage. This means we are able to tailor solutions based on your business needs, rather than being tied to one particular product or provider. If you’re not on a cloud-based software or are thinking about switching, speak to our digital advisory team to discuss.

5 different apps that could improve your cashflow

Are concerns around cashflow keeping you up at night? Fluidly, Float, Futrli, Castaway and Forecast5 are just some of the apps that can help to produce a cashflow forecast on demand, to help you make more informed decisions quickly and drive growth. Find out more about cashflow forecasting.

6 common issues that can be remedied with cloud-based solutions

We’ve identified six key pain points suffered by many SMEs: invoices, forecasting, bad data, expense management, managing payments and the need to outsource. Our digital advisory team specialises in using clever technology bolstered by hands-on advice to remedy these issues.

7 easy steps to get you started with TransferWise

Did you know that Pay with TransferWise enables you to enter bills, make payments and reconcile transactions within Xero? This makes is easier than ever for businesses to be in control of their cash. Find out how you could benefit from TransferWise.

8 ‘how-to’ videos that will improve how you use Xero

Questions about how to add a bank account or create a sales invoice on Xero? Our handy how-to videos will get you started. But if you have a more complicated query, speak to our digital advisory team about the training and support we offer.

9 FAQs answered, including data security, bespoke ERPs and training

How will cloud accounting benefit my business? What if I have a bespoke ERP that won’t integrate? Is my data secure? Our team have answered 9 FAQs over on the digital advisory section of our website.

10 minutes to open an account with Tide (or other Challenger Bank)

Did you know that in the last year 53% of new Tide members opened their bank account within 10 minutes? If you are thinking of moving away from your traditional high street branch for more flexibility, then our advice is to do your research or, better still, speak to our digital advisory team. Find out more about the benefits of moving to a challenger bank.

11 or more ways we can help to provide a fully outsourced offering

Did you know that we can provide a cost-effective alternative to running your finance function in-house – from day-to-day bookkeeping through to management accounts, budgeting and strategic financial management? Find out more about our outsourced services offering.

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Looking to get digital in 2021?

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