12 days of Tech-mas 2021

Our Digital Advisory team have once again been posting our #12daysoftechmas on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have been following us you’ll be familiar with how we can help you to transform your finances for 2022 – looking at the services we offer and the benefits they can bring to your business. If you missed it, here’s a quick round-up:

1 in-house digital advisory team

Did you know that our dedicated digital advisory team are well-versed in aligning business need with cloud-based solutions that deliver? Speak to  Ryan Alderson for advice on where you can drive efficiencies and cut costs. Click here to meet the Digital Advisory Team

2 ‘how to’ videos to help you improve the way you use Quickbooks

Used by more than 4.5 million businesses around the world, Quickbooks is perfect for small business owners and requires no formal accounting training, See our beginner-friendly how-to guides, helping you to get the most out of your Quickbooks software.

3 easy steps to run your business smarter

Want to spend less time on finances and more time on your business? Our dedicated Digital Advisory Team specialises in tailoring cloud-based accounting packages that allow us to continue to offer the full range of accounting and tax services, including bookkeeping, accounts preparation, payroll, VAT and corporate tax returns, via the cloud. Find out more about how to run your business smarter.

4 ways Freeagent can help your business

FreeAgent is a great example of how we can help your business streamline its finances. FreeAgent works by placing all of your relevant financial records and information online in one localised, secure and easily accessible site. View our website for more information and to view our ‘how to’ videos.

5 cloud-based software options to choose from

Did you know that we are partnered with all the major cloud accounting providers – Xero, Intuit QuickBooks, FreeAgent, Sage and Dext. This means we are able to tailor solutions based on your business needs, rather than being tied to one particular product or provider. If you’re not on a cloud-based software or are thinking about switching, speak to our digital advisory team to discuss.

6 challenges faced by project-based companies

Do you think your project-based business could benefit from Project Management software? There are a number of challenges to overcome and things to consider when choosing the right software for your business. Find out more about Project Management Software and speak to our digital advisory team for more advice.

7 advantages and drawbacks to outsourcing your accounting

Did you know there is another way to take advantage of all the new cloud based software without having to learn anything? Outsourcing! We highlight our 5 main advantages of outsourcing whilst also being honest about a couple of potential drawbacks. Contact our digital advisory team who can help.

8 ways how Dext can help your business

As official Dext advisors we have identified 8 ways Dext can help your business. If you would like to find out more about Dext, visit our website and view the handy ‘how to’ videos. Also, get in touch with our digital advisory team about the training and support we offer.

9 FAQs answered, including data security, bespoke Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and training

How will cloud accounting benefit my business? What if I have a bespoke ERP system that won’t integrate? Is my data secure? Our team have answered 9 FAQs over on the digital advisory section of our website.

10 ways we can analyse your finance function through our Finance Function Review

Are you getting the most out of your accounting software? Let us help you find out. And if you’re not, we can help with that too. A finance function review is just one of the ways we can support you and help to identify inefficiencies and bad data. Find out more about data analytics.

11 (plus) of our favourite Top Tips on using the Xero software

Did you know that our digital advisory team put together handy ‘Top Tips’ for Xero alongside our monthly Fintech Friday blog? Subscribe today and get these delivered straight to your inbox.

12 monthly management accounts

Did you know Management Accounts can be produced on a monthly basis and can be customised to suit the needs for your business? Find out how you could benefit.

Looking to get digital in 2022?

If you would like to find out more about any of our services, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our Digital Advisory team at fintech@haroldsharp.co.uk or call us on 0161 905 1616. Merry Tech-mas!