At Harold Sharp, it’s our digital advisory team’s job to automate, simplify and improve key areas within your business’ finance function.

By choosing ApprovalMax, you can extend Xero or QuickBooks with approval-driven financial controls for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

Say ‘goodbye’ to paper and email based approvals – ApprovalMax provides fully automated multi-role and multi-tiered approval workflows.

How can ApprovalMax help your business?

Create and approve purchase orders

There’s no need for employees to access the accounting system – they can raise purchase orders on-the-go, via the app or via the web. Guardrails are provided for purchase order creation. Plus, set-up notifications so that designated approvers are immediately notified of pending requests.

Bill review and approval in one place

ApprovalMax automatically pulls all bills in the “awaiting approval” status from Xero and directs them according to the predefined approval workflow based on set criteria (e.g. Supplier, Amount, GL code, etc).

Manage multi-step and multi-role approvals

Define who will be authorised to complete a particular action through the set-up of complex workflows. This will ensure that approval decisions are performed by managers with the appropriate authorisation level, and that you are in full accordance with corporate and regulatory requirements.

On-the-go notifications

Approval workflows enable automatic notifications to go to Approvers via email, complete with easy to use Approve/Reject buttons. Plus, with the ApprovalMax App you can receive push notifications on-the-go via mobile.

Manage sales invoices

ApprovalMax enables you to validate and approve sales invoices to make sure they are issued correctly. This improves accuracy and minimises the time spent on reworking sales invoices.

Generate report and audit logs

Default and custom reports can be generated to provide the approval activity history in audit-ready form. You can also track all approval activities performed outside of the predefined workflow.

Handle exceptions with ease

A whole range of capabilities are available to support authorisation exceptions, including the ability to reject an approval request as well as revoke, delegate, or force the approval decision.

Works with existing data entry tools

ApprovalMax supports a wide range of data capture tools, including pre-accounting software such as Dext Prepare, AutoEntry and Datamolino, Xero’s Hubdoc software and the “Email to Bill” function.

Maximising ApprovalMax with Dext and Harold Sharp

We recommend using ApprovalMax alongside Dext Prepare for end-to-end bill automation – that way, all supplier invoices that have been digitally captured by Dext Prepare go directly to ApprovalMax for authorisation.

Dext Prepare extracts key data from invoices and receipts and sends this information to ApprovalMax. In turn, ApprovalMax will run the predefined bill creation, review and approval workflow for those bills.

ApprovalMax ‘how-to’ guides & videos

Our latest beginner-friendly how-to guides, helping you to get the most out of ApprovalMax.

How to set up an approval workflow

How to raise a Purchase Order

How to match bills with POs

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