Answers to the Christmas Tax Quiz 2019

1. Describing another politician, the former labour Chancellor Denis Healey (who died this year, aged 98) famously said:
“He has the face of a man who clubs baby seals”

    c. John Prescott,


2. Which of these lovely taxes yielded most for the Exchequer in 2018/19:

    a (SDLT 11.94m)


3. The father of modern Economics published a ground-breaking treatise in 1776 called “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” (just 9.99 in paperback from Amazon today). This set the scene for understanding macro-economics, including the role of taxation, in the new industrialised capitalist world of Great Britain. That man was:

    c. Adam Smith,


4. What highly tax efficient manoeuvre did Anne Jones undertake on 11 March 2018?

    e She got married to a wealthy celebrity – Ken Dodd.


5. The rates of Fuel Excise Duty and VAT on petrol have surprisingly been a constant for nearly 9 years. Assuming you manage to buy a litre today for £1.20, how much Duty and VAT would be included in what you pay?

    c. 77.95p,


6. The share option scheme, Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI), is full of advantages, but which of these is not true:

    e. HMRC sends an Emmy the Emu toy to every new option-holder when their EMI scheme is registered.


7. Only one of these taxes has never been in force in the UK – which is it?


      d. The stables tax,
    Thank you for playing and have a very Happy Christmas!
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